Code of Necessity

I’ve been struggling to complete any of the article drafts that I have in my list due to, well, life. As things come back into focus for me I’m able to spend more time writing and completing some of these ideas. However, until I recover from the “two steps back” and start toward the “one step forward” again, I’ll leave a quote here that’s been bouncing around my head recently that has had a positive effect on me.

“The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle must be fought anew each day.” Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art.

One of the articles I’ve been working on is a review of Pressfield’s book. What I love about this quote, and the book in general, is that he wastes little time explaining just how important it is to determine what “you” are supposed to do with your life, to embrace it completely, and fight to achieve it every single day. To do less is to insult God’s gift of your life.

The internal battle is the same for the artist and the warrior. It must be done or death is the result – figuratively or literally. I will add here that it’s also the same for a CEO growing a business, a taxi driver with a family, a single mom working two jobs, etc. We all have our battles to fight. Go into the battle knowing that it’s life or death, and death is not an option. Every day.


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