Apple Watch Faces, And Why I Hate Them

I don’t really hate them…

However, I don’t really get the direction Apple is taking with the Apple Watch faces in the Face Gallery. The Apple Watch is an incredible piece of technology that lives on your wrist in symbiosis with your iPhone. The screen is a marvel of miniaturized technology with its clarity and precision.

Why then, are there so many faces in the Face Gallery that are one or two color in their minimalism. It seems to squander a lot of opportunity with that screen and advanced technology. And why are there so many faces of an analog watch? Again, a digital device displaying an analog wrist watch… One or two of them, okay, but there are so many in the face gallery I just don’t understand…

Fire and Water is a beautiful collection, but I think they stopped short. The art team should be cranking out beautiful faces like crazy for a bunch of face galleries! But I’d really like to see further development of faces like the Modular, Modular Compact, and Infograph Modular. Those are good, but again, there’s potential for more refinement, more options, and more beauty. Hey, Apple art team, get busy!

One of my favorites is the Photos gallery where you can customize which photos from your camera roll you want to use as a background image every time you raise your wrist. It would be cool to have more options regarding what complications will appear on the face, and in which piece of the screen they can be displayed.

I’d like to see more options in the Astronomy and Timelapse galleries. The kaleidoscope gallery is interesting, and could be very cool with more options. How about a Fine Art face gallery? How about connecting to the Apple Music store and letting me put my favorite singer’s latest totally hot picture on it? Or give me a visual alert when any of the bands in my music library have a tour stop within a month and 250 miles of my current location – regardless of brand (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.)? That would be pretty cool!

The Siri face should get some serious attention and way more options too. It has so much potential. It’s underdeveloped. Or more appropriately, it’s unfinished.

What I’m most amazed though with is that there aren’t a million corporate sponsorship faces already. I guess I should thank the art team for that, and all the other teams too. So far I’ve only had to deal with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a promotion pic from Toy Story. Hopefully it will take a long time before that gallery explodes, but it’s ripe for exploitation!


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