Album: Freedom’s Goblin, by Ty Segall

Segall is based in Laguna Beach, CA and has participated in a number of bands in his young life (b. 1987). He’s a prolific musician with many studio albums to his name.

Freedom’s Goblin is his ninth studio album and is an interesting blend of influences. I hear strong connections to the late 60’s psychedelia (Beatles), but there are also nods to more modern sounds like metal, punk, grunge, folk/country, and even tinges of classic rock. But everything is driven by a relentless and intense fuzzy guitar. It’s sometimes melodic, at times dissonant, occasionally angry, periodically pop, and always creative.

Highlights of the album include “Fanny Dog,” (a song about his dog), “Every 1’s A Winner,” (a more traditional love song, and an all-around incredible tune), and “She,” (a hard-driving punk response about being scolded by a female in his life). I gave this album several listens and I rate it very highly.


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