About Me

2015 was a watershed year for me during which “the light came on” and I understood for the first time what was expected of me from a large corporation. More specifically, I clearly understood my role in the relationship with the corporation at which I worked.

During the previous 20 years or so I had been through 10 layoffs and the essential skill that I had learned was adaptability. I had worked in many industries including printing, graphics and design, customer service, many areas of IT, the financial industry, and the energy industry in which I am still employed.¬†Through those jobs I learned many technical and job-related skills that helped me adapt to immediate challenges and changing environments. But what I hadn’t learned was how to set a goal or plan my career.

When the light went on for me in 2015 I made some changes in how I conducted myself and the results have been paying off. I got a major promotion and a significant raise over what I had been making. More importantly, those above me began to trust me and let me travel for the business, to lead teams, to make decisions, to manage projects and more.

This blog is a way for me to document some of the lessons I’ve learned and to share my experiences with others as I continue¬†to evolve and improve myself.