2020 Mid-Year Bright Spots

As bad as 2020 has been in many ways it's also had some small, fleeting bright spots that apparently hide in plain sight. Patience rewards the seeker of joy from an angst-ridden, pandemic-induced lethargy/panic/depression/<affliction>. A tremendous amount of work has been put into making the back yard a pleasant place to be. Things that were … Continue reading 2020 Mid-Year Bright Spots

Tele-commuting: Lessons Learned So Far

Today is the two week mark for working remotely from home. For my wife, it’s a little over one week. What I know now that I didn’t know when I started this endeavor is that separating work life from home life was going to not just be difficult, it was going to become blurred to … Continue reading Tele-commuting: Lessons Learned So Far

Album: Freedom’s Goblin, by Ty Segall

Segall is based in Laguna Beach, CA and has participated in a number of bands in his young life (b. 1987). He’s a prolific musician with many studio albums to his name. Freedom’s Goblin is his ninth studio album and is an interesting blend of influences. I hear strong connections to the late 60’s psychedelia … Continue reading Album: Freedom’s Goblin, by Ty Segall