Tele-commuting: Lessons Learned So Far

Today is the two week mark for working remotely from home. For my wife, it’s a little over one week. What I know now that I didn’t know when I started this endeavor is that separating work life from home life was going to not just be difficult, it was going to become blurred to … Continue reading Tele-commuting: Lessons Learned So Far

Album: Freedom’s Goblin, by Ty Segall

Segall is based in Laguna Beach, CA and has participated in a number of bands in his young life (b. 1987). He’s a prolific musician with many studio albums to his name. Freedom’s Goblin is his ninth studio album and is an interesting blend of influences. I hear strong connections to the late 60’s psychedelia … Continue reading Album: Freedom’s Goblin, by Ty Segall