This is a good read to help understand personal evolution and learning how to keep progressing as a human as nature intended. What is nature's purpose? The struggle of life. It's all around us every single day, no matter if we live in the Outback or Manhattan. Our purpose is to struggle and survive, to … Continue reading Evolving

Anger Is An Energy

I’m an old punk. I listened to other genres of music prior to the punk movement back in the mid/late 70’s, but it was Punk that truly lit a fire in my brain. When I first heard the Sex Pistols I was amazed at the energy and anger in the lead singer’s voice. Johnny Rotten … Continue reading Anger Is An Energy

Why Do I Procrastinate?

Why do humans procrastinate? More specifically, why do I procrastinate? I've read several books and many articles about procrastination and how to beat it, but I still catch myself procrastinating far too regularly. In fact, I can distract myself effortlessly and leave important tasks unfinished as I peruse headlines, skim social media, get pulled into … Continue reading Why Do I Procrastinate?