Anger Is An Energy

I’m an old punk. I listened to other genres of music prior to the punk movement back in the mid/late 70’s, but it was Punk that truly lit a fire in my brain. When I first heard the Sex Pistols I was amazed at the energy and anger in the lead singer’s voice. Johnny Rotten … Continue reading Anger Is An Energy

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual

This book was published in 2017, and was written by Jocko Willink, who is a former Navy Seal and now a successful writer and podcaster. He's one intense human being as you can glean from the cover of his book. He's pretty much black and white on all things. Discipline Equals Freedom reminds me in … Continue reading Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual

Book Review: Team of Teams Written by General Stanley McChrystal, this book describes the challenges faced by the US Military in the conflict with Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) after 2003. McChrystal provides a good history to illustrate why the US Military looks, sounds, walks, and talks the way it did at that time. The countless changes to everything … Continue reading Book Review: Team of Teams